Brain Cancer Sufferer Liza Begs the FDA for a Chance At Life! (You Can Help – Sign Her Petition)

Below is an impassioned letter from brain cancer sufferer Liza Cozad to the United States FDA, literally begging them for access to Burzynski’s Antineoplastons after the regulatory agency placed an indefinite hold on all new patients from receiving Burzynski’s Antineoplastons treatment earlier this year.

Liza and so many others are being denied a chance of survival by the very agency that should be doing all they can to support it. THIS MUST CHANGE NOW. Please read Liza’s letter and click here to SIGN HER PETITION.

“My name is Liza Cozad and each of you has either talked to my husband ( David Lauser) or has “reviewed” my case.

Please have the courtesy to at least read this and acknowledge my email. As you are aware, I have terminal brain cancer, and have less than a year to live with no cure.

This diagnosis has been confirmed with 7 different leading doctors and hospitals around the country – Stanford, UCSF, Cedars Sinai, Cleveland Clinic, M.D. Anderson, Johns Hopkins, and my own doctor at Kaiser. I have attached his statement confirming the diagnosis and lack of cure.

As you know, we requested access to the Antineoplaston at the Bursynski clinic which you denied. I now understand there is long standing conflict – call it whatever you want – between the FDA and the Burzynski clinic. This is not my concern nor should it kill me.

But unfortunately if you deny me access you literally are killing me. That may sound harsh and blunt, but it is true. I am the one who will suffer with the loss of life my without this. As you know from the results of the clinical trials there is a chance for me with the drug. All I ask for is a chance to live.

I have done nothing wrong, I am a citizen and a taxpayer. Do you realize I cry myself to sleep every night thinking that my government is going to kill me? Again you may think that is harsh and blunt but it is true. The FDA regulations allow me access to this drug – I meet all the criteria as you know; however you have placed a hold on it for “questions’. from the lab about its data. Whether or not the lab has answered them satisfactorily, I should not be punished with my life.

I have personally talked with two people with my same kind of tumor for which the drug has worked. One is a little boy right here in the San Francisco area. His doctors are at UCSF and they confirm through MRIs that has been no growth of his tumor since he started on the medicine over 2 years ago. I just ask for that chance.

Obviously you still think it’s safe enough or you would not allow the current patients to continue to be treated.

Please don’t do this to me, I beg of you. I have a husband, a stepdaughter, brothers, dogs, family, cousins, nephews, nieces, friends, community. I am 46 years old, spent my life helping others, and had a whole life until 7 months ago. it is now hard for me to talk, walk, and do most things because of the tumor growth.

I beg of you, please do not put me and my life in the middle of your problems with the Burzynski clinic. It tears me up to think that my own government would kill me. Again it may sound harsh to you but if you look at it is true. There is an FDA regulation that would otherwise allow me to have access to this drug. You have decided to deny me access because you have questions for the manufacturer. You clearly think it is safe enough for other people to take it. How sad that if I had been diagnosed a year ago I might be able to live.

Again I just beg of you to look at the big picture. Please don’t kill me over your disputes with this clinic.

I have attached the signatures, as well as a link to, the petition that in the last 3 1/2 weeks friends, family, and mostly strangers have signed – almost 6,000 people already – supporting my request for access that you have denied.

I beg of you to allow me access to a chance at life.

Liza Cozad”